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News Shotgun 11/16

  • Dutch Film “App” providing parallel story on smartphones: Most people wish people would stay off their phones but a Dutch thriller called App will be presenting a story that runs parallel to the movie that people can access in the theater via their smartphone.
  • Sinister director directing Deus Ex: Scott Derrickson, director of Sinister, will be directing the adaptation of the video game, Deus Ex, for CBS Films.  The games take place in the near future where body augmentations and high tech gadgets are common and corporations run the world.
  • Amazing Spider-Man 2’s Harry Osborn short list: Amazing Spider-Man 2 has it’s Mary Jane and most likely it’s villain and now a short list for Peter’s best friend/future enemy, Harry Osborn has come out.  Dane DeHaan of Chronicle, Brady Corbet of Melancholia and Alden Ehrenreich of Beautiful Creatures.
  • Christopher McQuarrie most likely directing MI 5: Brad Bird knocked it out of the park last year with Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and now the follow up will most likely be directed by Christopher McQuarrie.  McQuarrie has previously directed The Way of the Gun and the upcoming Tom Cruise thriller, Jack Reacher.
  • Alexander Skarsgard and Samuel L Jackson wanted for Tarzan: Harry Potter director David Yates is scheduled to reboot Tarzan for WB and Alexander Skarsgard is the lead choice to play the jungle hero.  Samuel L Jackson is also being approached to co-star as George Washington Williams, a Civil War vet who is now a mercenary in the Congo who teams up with Tarzan to stop a vicious warlord who runs a diamond mine.
  • Tom Hardy cast as Sam Fisher in Splinter Cell movieTom Hardy will play the NSA super spy in the movie adaptation of the hit video game series.  The movie is being written by The International’s screenwriter, Eric Singer.  Michael Ironside voiced Sam in the game series.
  • Sean Penn starring in action thriller “Prone Gunman”: Penn will star as Martin Terrier, an operative who wants out of the game but is betrayed by his superiors and goes on the run across Europe.  The movie is based on the first in a book series by Jean-Patrick Marchette.
  • Anchorman 2 has musical numbers and even more cameos:  Anchorman 2 is on the way and Adam Mckay recently said that there will be musical numbers in the sequel featuring the Channel Four news team and that it will feature even more cameos than the original, quote “A murderer’s row of day players” end quote.
  • SHIELD show casts it’s nerds: Elizabeth Henstridge will play science wiz Agent Gemma Simmons and Ian De Caestecker will play technology expert, Leo Fitz.
  • Big Thunder Mountain: The Series: Disney has had massive success with the Pirates of the Caribbean series but not so much with some of their other attempts at rides turned into movies like The Haunted Mansion and The Country Bears but they are trying again by turning Big Thunder Mountain Railroad into a series.  The show will be on ABC and will be a family adventure series, most likely a western based on the mileau of the ride.
  • Saw director James Wan wants to do MacGyver movie: Wan directed the original Saw and also Insidious and will be directing an adaptation of the classic 80’s adventure series for Paramount.

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