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News Shotgun 12/14


  • AMC reairing the first two seasons of The Walking Dead in black & white: AMC already reaired the pilot of The Walking Dead but now they said that starting in February, they will reair the first and second seasons in black & white, in an homage to the comic series.
  • Garrett Hedlund returning for Tron 3Garrett Hedlund confirmed this week that he will return as Sam Flynn for the upcoming Tron 3.  Director Joseph Kosinski also said that Tron 3 will be like the Tron franchise’s “Empire Strikes Back”.
  • Netflix order 2-5 more Arrested Development episodes: Netflix will be airing new episodes of Arrested Development next spring and the original order was for 10 episodes but now they have bumped that up by an additional 2-5 episodes.  Taste the happy Michael!
  • Peter Jackson starting mo-cap shooting for TinTin 2 in 2013As announced when the the first TinTin movie was announced, Steven Spielberg directed the first movie, Secret of the Unicorn, and Peter Jackson will be directing the second movie, continuing the adventures of TinTin, Snowy and Captain Haddock.
  • The Saint being rebooted for TVOriginally a 60’s show starring Roger Moore and then adapted into a 90’s Val Kilmer movie, The Saint followed master thief, Simon Templar, performing various heists.  The new show is being produced by Moore.  Simon West will direct the pilot and Jesse Alexander, of Heroes and Alias, will write the script.  Adam Rayner and Eliza Dushku are set to star.
  • Top Gun getting IMAX 3D re-release: In February of next year, Top Gun will be re-released in theaters in 3D and the be available on Blu Ray 3D the following week.
  • Asylum stopped from releasing Age of Hobbits: The Asylum, known for trying to confuse people with barely disguised, low budget takes on the latest blockbuster, was sued and lost to Warner Bros and got a restraining order against their latest epic, Age of Hobbits.  The movie followed a group of cavemen based on fossils that anthropologists dubbed “hobbits” but it was clearly targeting The Hobbit.
  • Angry Birds movie coming in 2016: The movie based on the insanely popular video game series is coming in 2016 and John Cohen, of Despicable Me, will be producing.
  • New Transformers Leads: Joining Mark Wahlberg in Transformers 4 will be a couple of unknown actors.  Nicola Peltz will be in the upcoming Disney movie, Maleficent while Brenton Thwaites was in The Last Airbender and will be appearing on Bates Motel.
  • Martin Sheen returning as Uncle Ben in Amazing Spider Man 2: Joining all the recently announced new additions, it was revealed that Martin Sheen will return as Uncle Ben for Amazing Spider-Man 2, obviously in some sort of flashback or dream sequence as he’s dead.
  • Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four coming in 2015: The Chronicle director is rebooting the Fantastic Four for Fox.

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