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News Shotgun 1/11


  • Jurassic Park 4 coming June 2014: Spielberg will be producing but not story details or director have been revealed yet.  The original will be re-released in 3D this Spring.
  • SHIELD takes place after The Avengers: It was revealed that the upcoming SHIELD TV show will take place shortly after the Battle of New York from the Avengers, which is slightly confusing because Clark Gregg aka Agent Coulson is starring and he pretty definitively died in Avengers.  The show is also fast tracked for development and it could be on as early as this fall.
  • Aaron Johnson offered lead in GodzillaThe star of Kick-Ass and last year’s Savages has been offered the lead role in Legendary Pictures upcoming Godzilla.  It was announced that the movie will be out on May 16, 2014 and Frank Darabont is coming in to provide the final rewrite of the script.
  • Spielberg’s Robopocalypse delayedSpielberg’s next movie was supposed to be the adaptation of the novel, Robopocalyse, which details a machine uprising but the movie has been delayed indefinitely but it’s not dead, according to Spielberg.  Drew Goddard, director of Cabin in the Woods, wrote the script.
  • Christopher Nolan directing sci-fi movie InterstellarAfter wrapping up the Dark Knight Trilogy last year, the next movie for Christopher Nolan is Interstellar, based on the theories of astrophysicist Kip Thorne.  The movie will follow a group of scientists as they head into a wormhole and discover alternate universes and timelines.
  • Dan Trachtenberg directing Y: The Last ManFormer Totally Rad Show co-host and director of Portal: No Escape, Dan Trachtenberg is going to be directing the adaptation of the critically acclaimed comic series, Y: The Last Man.  The comic followed Yorick Brown, the last living human male after a mysterious event kills every male creature on earth.
  • Sin City 2 CastingJosh Brolin will be taking over the role of Dwight from Clive Owen, Christopher Meloni will be playing an original character who is a cop and Joseph Gordon Levitt will be playing Johnny, a gambler.
  • AT&T launching streaming service:   The service, called Screen Pack, will be $5 a month and at launch will feature about 1,500 titles, mostly from Sony and MGM.
  • Director David R. Ellis dies at age 60The director of Snakes on a Plane died unexpectedly in South Africa earlier this week.  Ellis also directed Final Destination 2, widely considered the best of that franchise, Celluar and Shark Night 3D.
  • Guillermo Del Torro and DC moving forward with Dark UniverseDel Toro is moving forward with a DC movie featuring some of the more supernatural characters of the DC universe, most notably Swamp Thing and John Constantine.  They have hired a writer to work on the first draft of the screenplay.

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