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Battle at the Box Office 2/4

By Zach


It was a pretty slow weekend at the box office with the Super Bowl happening but Warm Bodies managed to top the box office with $19.5 million, which is a solid January opening.  Hansel & Gretel fell 50% from their topping of the box office last weekend down to second this weekend with $$9.2 million.  Silver Linings Playbook actually moved up a spot to third from fourth with another $8.1 million while Mama slipped to fourth with $6.7 million and Zero Dark Thirty rounded out the top 5 with $5.3 million.  In a very worrisome trend, for the third week in a row, an action legend had a horrible opening as Bullet to the Head was easily one of Stallone’s worst with only $6.5 million, around the level of The Ladyhawks to give you some perspective.  Elsewhere on the list, Stand Up Guys had a limited opening to about 660 theaters and made $1.5 million while Movie 43 vanished as quickly as it appeared, falling down to fifteenth place.  Lincoln also put itself back into the top 10 at number 10, from eleventh last weekend.

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