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Marvel’s Phase 3 Plans Revealed?

Color me excited.

According to a report over at IGN (via the always in-the-know El Mayimbe at Latino Review), plans for Marvel’s “Phase 3” may have been revealed.

The rumors, which sound awesome and we hope are true (and probably are, given Latino Review’s track record), are definitely *SPOILERS*, so please proceed with caution if you want to keep guessing and be surprised.

Marvel Illuminati
No, this is not a late-90’s boy band album cover.

Good, you’re still here. Of course you want *SPOILERS*!

Rumor has it that a plot point of the in-the-works Avengers 2 will involve Hulk being sent into space, which would ultimately lead to a Planet Hulk film in “Phase 3,” along with the recently confirmed Ant-Man and Dr. Strange movies.

As if that isn’t cool enough, it would lead to the eventual return of the Hulk for the Avengers 3, which would follow the “World War Hulk” storyline. This could hopefully, finally, lead to the long-awaited cinematic debut of the Hulkbuster Armor to defend the Marvel Illuminati (pictured above).

Savvy fans may see even further into the horizon based on this news, as this storyline and direction would very nicely tie into a Civil War adaptation, right?

What say you, fans? Is this the right direction for the Marvel Cinematic Universe to head in, or is it just too ambitious to work? Let us know in the comments!


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