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News Shotgun 2/22

By Zach


  • James Marsden joins Anchorman 2: Marsden will play a “rival anchor” to Ron Burgandy but it’s not clear whether he will be the main antagonist or just another of San Diego’s crazy rival anchors, like Wes Mantooth.
  • Bobcat Goldthwait directing “Willow Creek”Bobcat has been building indie cred the last couple of years with black comedies like World’s Best Dad and the recent God Bless America and it was announced that his next project will be Willow Creek, a found footage Bigfoot movie with a mix of “suspense and satire”.
  • Annihilator latest Marvel movieA deal has been set to develop a movie based on one of the most recent Marvel superheroes, Annihilator.  Annihilator is a Chinese prisoner who is offered a choice between rotting in jail or undergoing a potentially dangerous experiment.  The experiment gives him the powers and abilities of a number of different animals, which he uses to become a superhero.
  • Megan Fox starring in TMNT:  Despite a very public feud around the time of Transformers 3, Megan Fox and Michael Bay have seemingly buried the hatchet, as Fox is set to star in the upcoming Platinum Dunes reboot of the Ninja Turtles.  They didn’t specifically say she would be playing April O’Neal but that would seem to be only logical choice of character.
  • Roger Rabbit/Mickey Mouse buddy movie pitched to Disney: Gary Wolf, the creator of Roger Rabbit, has pitched a script to Disney that would feature the pairing of Roger Rabbit and Mickey Mouse in a musical buddy comedy called, The Stooge.  It shares a title and some plot elements with the Dean Martin/Jerry Lewis comedy from 1952 but it is not a remake and it also not the long talked about Roger Rabbit sequel, as that is still it’s own, separate movie.
  • Jason Clarke starring in Dawn of the Planet of the ApesThe co-star of Lawless and Zero Dark Thirty will be starring in the sequel to 2011’s dark horse summer blockbuster.  The movie will take place 15 years after Rise and feature a group of human scientist survivors in San Fransisco (Spoilers: A massive plague wiped out most of humanity in the credits of Rise) and Caesar trying to build his new ape society.
  • Dr. No may be getting an IMAX 3D re-releaseStill riding high from last year’s massively successful 50th anniversary celebrations, there are rumors that the original Bond, Dr. No, may be getting an IMAX 3D re-release, similar to Raiders of the Lost Ark (which was just IMAX) or Top Gun.   It’s kind of a strange choice though as, even though it’s the first, it’s not the most action packed Bond and there isn’t too much that would lend itself to 3D.
  • Rupert Wyatt may be directing Denzel Washington in “The Equalizer”Originally supposed to be directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, who had to drop out, Denzel Washington’s remake of the 80’s show “The Equalizer” may have gotten a new director in Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ Rupert Wyatt.  The show followed a former special forces operative who used his skills to help those in need.

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