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Everything Action Theater: The Venture Bros. “What Color is Your Cleansuit?”

Posted on June 4, 2013 by


After more than two years away, Team Venture is back with the fifth season premiere, “What Color is Your Cleansuit?”  If  you got caught up last week you should be OK to just jump right in, maybe rewatching “Operation PROM” as a refresher as the episode starts out the day after the events of that episode.  In a typical move by Dr. Venture, he has completely slacked off on an order for a ray shield for the new Garguntua 2 space station his brother Jonah has been building and basically kidnaps a bunch of college kids to build it for him with no regard for safety or oversight.  The various color coded groups start experiencing horrible mutations and build a bizarre society in one of the Venture complex outbuildings.  Hank exploits the situation by setting up a “company store” with Dermott and Sgt. Hatred running the cafeteria.   As if that wasn’t enough, 21 is left in charge of Sphinx when Brock and the others leave to rejoin th OSI, Billy and Pete get a new arch nemesis and The Monarch goes into denial about 21 quitting.  It’s a fantastic, jam packed, hilarious episode and you can watch the whole thing below, since Adult Swim put it on youtube.

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