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The Pull List 8/29

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  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #25: War is about to break out in New York City as the Foot, now with Leonardo at the helm as second in command, is battling the French ninjas of the Savate.  The other turtles are taking Leo’s absence hard, especially Raph, who is beating down low level thugs to try and find where the Foot are hiding while Splinter agrees to some sort of job for the mutant cat Old Hob, in exchange for better weapons to take on the Foot.
  • Thor: God of Thunder #12: After saving all the gods in the universe in the last issue, Thor returns to Earth to check in and travels around visiting friends, performing miracles and other godly duties.  He gets some sad news from Jane Foster, who reveals she is battling cancer but forbids Thor to find any magical cures for it and Thor becomes part of SHIELD environmental investigation into a pod of whales who have killed themselves by beaching in the Arctic.
  • Captain America #10: Cap finally returns home to NYC after a final battle in Dimension Z that ends with Sharon Carter sacrificing herself to kill a giant mech of Zola and Steve escapes with Zola’s daughter Jet.  I really hope a brand new, Earth based storyline kicks off next issue because this arc wasn’t bad but it felt a little too stretched out and repetitive.
  • Godzilla: Rulers of the Earth #3: As typical in Godzilla stories, aliens arrive and use monsters as distractions for their own nefarious plans, which seem to be using Godzilla DNA for some sort of world invasion plan.  The anti-Kaiju forces bust out some neat new weapons like a freeze gun and Godzilla actually suffers a pretty serious injury after a battle with giant squid Gezora.
  • Avengers Arena #14: X-23’s primal rage is unleashed again as she and Hazmat stumble into a trap that unleashes the trigger scent that causes X-23 to go insane and the origin of Bloodstone is revealed, where his father brought him on an intergalactic hunting trip and left him to fend for himself and he was possessed with powers that have to be concealed by a magic ring.


  • Deadpool #15: Some rogue scientist from the Weapon X program is after Deadpool and his healing powers, so he consults with Wolverine and Captain America but doesn’t get anywhere and there’s an insane twist that potentially changes the entire series up to that point.
  • Secret Avengers #8: Mockingbird was left behind on AIM Island following the illegal attack by the Secret Avengers and is trapped in the body of a 40 year old AIM biologist, possibly because she doesn’t remember how to use her cloaking tech.  We also get a fun look at the daily workings of AIM Island and it’s super villain ministers of defense, education, etc.
  • Batman/Superman #3: I don’t know if it’s just me but I’m a little confused about who is who in this book as their are two Supermen and two Batmen and it gets confusing about which one is supposed to be from our DC universe and who is from Earth 2 but the art is still fantastic and it seems to be gearing up for a big confrontation with Darkseid.
  • GI Joe #7: Manhattan seems to set to be the latest battlefield between GI Joe and Cobra as the Mad Monk forces Duke into a series of mind games under threat of killing his “wife” Aisha.  There’s some interesting info from Destro as well, having a dinner with the Baroness, who reveals that all Cobra personnel are given a test to judge their leadership skills and the Monk is a 1, literally incapable of leading anyone but possessing a death wish that conflicts with his survival skills.
  • Thanos Rising #5: The origin of Thanos is concluded as he becomes the killer God we all know and hate with a final attack on his homeworld of Titan, where he single handedly kills everyone on the moon, leaving only his father alive and finally earns the love of Death, but even that eventually loses it’s luster to Thanos, leaving him alone in the universe.
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