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Everything Alcohol: Messager of Death

By Chris

What happens when Charles Bronson investigates ¬†Mormon crime scene? Answer: Colorado Justice. We performed our first online hang out drinking game while watching Cannon Film’s “Messenger of Death”.

The Rules:

  • Anytime there is Sexism
  • Anytime Bronson hits someone
  • Anytime Bronson is referred to as a Journalist or a Writer
  • Anytime Religion is mentioned.
  • Anytime there’s unspeakable violence. (Non-Bronson punches).
  • Anytime Bronson is on Detecting crime.
  • Anytime Bronson has a witty comeback.

The Players:

  • Zach
  • Chris
  • Joe
  • Special Guest:¬†Ben

How to play: Get a copy of “Messenger of Death” and queue up our YouTube video. Sync up the timing and get ready to knock back a few drinks.

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