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The Pull List 1/8


  • Detective Comics #27: It’s a 75th anniversary celebration of Batman this issue with a ton of writers and artists coming together for seven stories of the Caped Crusader, including a retelling of the origin of Joker at ACE Chemical, a fourth wall breaking journey from the 60’s to the modern day,  an old Bruce getting back in the game for one more night, an alternate reality where Gotham is a utopia of peace under the protection of Batman and Catbird and a very Matrixesque take on the Batman legacy.  Even if you haven’t been keeping up with Detective Comics/Batman, this is a must check out issue if you are a Batman fan.
  • Five Ghosts #8: Fabian Gray meets up with his old flame, Jezebel, and her crew of pirates and stages a daring hijacking of a pirate ship, utilizing all of his “literary ghosts” except Dracula to drive off the pirates on board.  The group sets out to an island that might hold the key to rescuing Fabian’s sister and freeing him from his ghosts.
  • Batman/Superman #7: The superpowered, robotic Batman keeps up his attack on Superman, powered by millions of online gamers effected by Mongul’s rage inducing pollen.  Superman takes a risky gamble and allows himself to be “killed” in the game and is brought back under the control of the players, who do the right thing and take control of Batman and Superman to take down Mongul.  Things get back to normal, although a mysterious new challenger may be waiting in the wings.
  • Ash and the Army of Darkness #3: Reunited with Sheila, Ash fights his way out of the Wiseman’s keep and into the surrounding countryside.  They meet up with a hiding Erik the Red, who was trying to gather reinforcements against the Deadites.  The trio heads into the dark woods to try and recover the Necromonicon.
  • Star Trek: Khan #4: Khan transformation from Indian Khan Singh to English John Harrison is made a little clearer this issue as it seems Admiral Marcus (with help from Sulu’s sister) may have performed some plastic surgery upon discovering Khan in the Botany Bay to make him believe he was always a Section 31 Starfleet agent.  John assists with improving much of Section 31’s technology and weapons and eventually, Marcus sends John to a Klingon moon to perform an act of sabotage that completely destroys the moon.  During the mission, John regains his memories and sets things up for the final issue before tying into Into Darkness.


  • Savage Wolverine #14.Now: Despite the dumb numbering, this is a pretty great new story for Savage Wolverine, putting Logan in the Prohibition era and up against French gangsters who kill his friend, Elias, and kidnap Elias’ daughter, Sophia.  Logan heads out the joint the gangsters run after recovering from a grenade exploding on him and comes face to face with the gangster’s nasty looking boss.
  • Forever Evil: Arkham War #4: Bane (who has taken up the mantle of the Batman) gets his Robin in the form of the only Talon assassin left under the Blackgate army’s control.  The duo set out to take the fight to the Arkham inmates and collect civilians caught in the crossfire to bring them to safety and hopefully join Bane’s army.  Meanwhile, Scarecrow and Mr. Freeze are attempting to turn the remaining Talons into their own personal army through a mixture of Freeze’s science and Scarecrow’s fear gas.
  • Green Arrow #27: A shocking cliffhanger in this issue of Green Arrow as Oliver Queen comes against both the Shield Clan and the harsh truth that he was deliberately placed on the Island, by his still alive father, Robert Queen.
  • Shadowman #14: Jack Boniface is trying to control the demonic Loa that turns him into Shadowman but quickly losing control, trying to help a man getting mugged by ending up killing one of the muggers and critically injuring the other.  Jack’s only ally, the magic wielding Abettor, Alyssa, goes to talk to the spirit of her and Jack’s mentor, Dox, who tells Alyssa she has to avenge his death by taking out Jack.
  • Avengers AI #8: In a very Tronesque issue, Hank Pym, Doombot, Vision, Captain America and Rogue transfer themselves into the digital universe of The Diamond in order to stop the evil AI Dimitrios and his plan to have normal citizens rip apart major cities across the globe with a trojan horse of an app that sends three specific biological signals, turning people into lunatics.


  • Deadpool #22: Deadpool teams up with Agents Coulson and Adsit of SHIELD to chase down rogue SHIELD Agent Gorman, who was making illegal arms deals with a robotic version of Deadpool’s current voice in his head, Agent Preston.  Hitching a ride in Lola, the group finds that Gorman gave his terrorist buddies plans for their own Helicarrier, which Deadpool hops on to try and cause some chaos until the actual Helicarrier can arrive to stop them.
  • Daredevil: Dark Nights #8: In Miami trying to rescue a key murder witness, Matt Murdock heads into the villa of a drug kingpin, “King”, and former flame of Daredevil’s current partner, Misty Knight, in order to rescue the witness, Nestor, and Misty.  Taking down King’s goons, Daredevil hops onto his yacht and takes down the man himself.  The case goes smoothly and King’s operation is smashed and Misty and Matt take some much deserved R&R in Miami.
  • Iron Man #20: Tony’s unveiling of his latest project, a futuristic city designed by Tony and his brother Arno, is interrupted by the Mandarin rings finding new hosts.  Left wing reporter, Abigail Burns, gets the Incinerator ring and transforms into the villainous Red Peril.  After a spectacular battle, Abigail launches solar flare that causes an EMP and escapes to an orbiting satellite, tweeting a video to the world against Tony.  Deep in a SHIELD armory, the Mandarin rings are discovered all be missing, although a ring that causes illusions was a reason no one noticed until now.
  • Wolverine #13: The Killable saga comes to a close as Sabretooth goes off on a rant about how Wolverine will never accept his true nature and embrace Sabretooth as a kindred spirit and refuses to kill Logan, disappearing with his Hand ninja.  SHIELD, meanwhile, manages to get The Host, a virus based supervillain, to take down the worldwide infection of a nanovirus.  On it’s last legs, the virus tries to make a deal with Logan to infect him in exchange for turning his healing factor back on, but Logan refuses and, back at the Jean Grey School, declares that The Wolverine is dead.  The series gets renumbered and gets a new creative team next issue.
  • Deadpool: The Gauntlet #1: A “Guided View Native” comic exclusive to Comixology, this mini series finds Deadpool in London saving a damsel in distress from a rogue Latverian kidnapper and is then approached by a vampiric henchman of Dracula for a job and Deadpool immediately tries to kill him and ends up doing so right at the feet of Dracula himself.  The Guided View Native is super cool and almost gives the comic a motion comic feel.  It’s from the team of Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan, of the main book, and it has the same hilarious writing (one of the highlights of this issue is a parody Bond intro that takes full advantage of the format)


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