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The Signal Trailer

The Signal Movie 2014 (3)

A big hit at this year’s Sundance, the sci fi thriller The Signal is coming to theaters this June.  Brenton Thwaites stars as Nick, a young MIT hacker on cross country road trip with his girlfriend, Hailey, and his friend, Jonah.  The trio are tracking a location of a rival hacker, Nomad, and upon reaching the location, the three black out and end up in a facility being interrogated by biohazard suit wearing agents led by Laurence Fishburne, who are asking them about alien life forms and if they are human.  There’s also the titular signal the seems to target abductees.  It appears things get crazy if the end of the trailer is any indication, with potentially super powers manifesting.  Director William Eubank is making his feature length debut and it seems like he could potentially be a new Neill Blomkamp.  Check out the trailer below.

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