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Broforce AKA Everything Action: The Game


Broforce is a game that came onto my radar a few months ago and if you’re reading this site, you should already be purchasing it on Steam because it’s everything we love distilled into an insanely fun, chaotic masterpiece from Devolver Digital and Free Lives Games.  If someone told us to make a game based on Everything Action, this is what the result would most likely be.

The basic premise of the game is that you are Broforce, an elite task force composed of the greatest action heroes of all time:

This about half of the characters available in the game as of right now.
This about half of the characters available in the game as of right now.

They all have legally distinctive, “bro” pun based aliases but it’s clear exactly who everyone is and everyone has a weapon that’s distinctive to their personality and source material.  All the Bros have a special move as well that usually results in the entire screen exploding with awesomeness.  John Matrix, John McClane, John Rambo, Blade, Judge Dredd, Robocop, The Terminator, Machete, Neo and tons more are all available to rain their unique brand of destruction onto the unsuspecting enemies.  It’s basically the promise of The Expendables taken to the nth degree.

This is actually a fairly tame moment in the game
This is actually a fairly tame moment in the game

You work your way through various, fully destructible levels, saving your fellow Bros and freeing the land from an evil demon in a business suit and his henchmen. You’ll encounter boss vehicles and characters as you go along and new elements like landmines, guard dogs, mechs, exploding pipes, zip lines and more give you a variety of things to kill and use to kill.  Even though the levels are the same if you restart, the fact that all your unlocked Bros are still in play and the fact that you get a random one to start, makes the game almost infinitely replayable, as the Bros all play extremely different and will make you rethink your strategy depending on who you are.  The amount of destruction available to you as well means that you could potentially create your own path through the levels.  The original version of the game threw random levels at you but the newest update brings a simple but elegant campaign map that gives the game a sense of structure, as you are now navigating your way through various areas and liberating them before moving on to the adjacent ones.

I would say that you shouldn’t even hesitate to grab a copy of this game from Steam but if there is somehow a doubt in your mind, you can check out the free, online “Brototype” at the game’s website that you can play in your browser: http://www.freelives.net/BROFORCE/BROFORCE_WEB.html  Free Lives is constantly updating the build on Steam, so definitely jump in now to see the game get better and better in the future.

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