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The Pull List 4/24


  • 24: Underground #1: With Jack Bauer back on TV in a little over a week, IDW fills in the gap between Day 8 and Live Another Day with a new miniseries.  Jack, after fleeing the country at the end of Day 8, winds up trying to live a quiet life in Ukraine with a new love, Sofiya, and a new job with Sofiya’s brother.  Sofiya’s other brother, Roman, gets caught up with the local crime family and ends up dead and the goons come to Petro to get the debt paid.  Jack helps Petro steal a truck full of methalymine, but that puts him back on the US government’s radar.
  • Batman Eternal #3: Gang warfare breaks out in Gotham as the recently returned Carmine Falcone strikes against The Penguin and uses his relationship with Mayor Hady to get dirty cop Forbes assigned as the new commissioner, who orders his team to back off and let the criminals fight each other.  Meanwhile, Stephanie Brown stumbles across a meeting between her father and other supervillains and learns that her father is Cluemaster.  Learning his secret, he decides she can’t live to tell anyone but Stephanie manages to escape.
  • Five Ghosts #11: Fabian Gray, possessed by five literary ghosts that give him superpowers, washes up on the shore of the Island of Dreams and finds a wrecked ship inland where he finds a sword and other supplies.  He’s suddenly attacked by zombies who are supposedly the men he’s killed over the years but he overcomes them and is visited by his sister, Silvia.  It turns out Silvia is an illusion by an evil medicine woman, who captures Fabian along with his other allies.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy #14: Taking into account the other Guardians series, this is the 100th issue of Guardians and there’s three stories to celebrate.  In the first, the Guardians are hunted and down and taken into custody on orders from Starlord’s father, the King of Spartax.  Also, Venom has joined the team for some reason?  The second story follows the origins of Groot and the third brings back the team from the future of 3041 that includes Vance Astro, Starhawk, Martinex and Charlie-27, who are fighting to free the galaxy from the hold of the evil Badoon Empire.
  • Iron Patriot #2: Jim Rhodes manages to escape his deactivated armor and explodes it to defeat the mysterious creature attacking off the coast of New Orleans.  Unfortunately, he and his father and niece are captured by the men responsible for the sychronized attacked across the country and, to make matters worse, Rhodey seems to succumb to “the bends” and seemingly dies.
  • Rogue Trooper #3: Rogue takes on the Nort forces who are attacking his temporary sanctuary of Strongpoint Charlie and manages to take out or drive off their robotic, canine-like tanks.  A special forces team arrives on orders to detain Rogue and bring him back to Souther command by any means necessary.


  • Thunderbolts #25:  On a mission in the jungles of South America, the Thunderbolts are betrayed from within and out as The Leader sabotages Johnny Blaze and uses a spell to deactivate Ghost Rider, leading to him being killed by a giant river monster.  He then makes a deal with their villainous guide, Cordoba, to take out the team but then backstabs him to eliminate him and his men.  Finally, he agrees to guide the ‘Bolts through the temple they are searching for but then cuts off communication, leaving them on their own against the ancient traps.
  • Star Trek #32: Crew member 3718’s origin concludes as the Enterprise crew deals with a living planet that is the collected intelligence of it’s former inhabitants.  3718, the physical manifestation of the Enterprise’s computer, interfaces with the planet but it percieves the crew as threats to the ship and cuts off the life support.  3718 sacrfices himself by doing a full shutdown of the Enterprise, which causes the planet to lose focus and they are able to escape.  Spock brings 3718 back to “life” but he is no longer in communication with the ship, although he’s still able to function at a much quicker and faster rate than the “normal” crew members.
  • Godzilla: Rulers of the Earth #11: The kaiju defense forces and researchers are slowly gathering up the Earth’s monsters and corraling them on Monster Island but a few, including Godzilla, are still loose.  Mechagodzilla manages to capture Baragon after a lengthy battle in Paris and makes him the newest addition.  A Devonian rebel contacts humanity and tells them about their plan to destroy them while Godzilla battles a trio of underwater monsters off the coast of Monster Island.
  • Eternal Warrior #8: Gilad and his grandaughter lead a ragtag army against the death cult guarding a supply of life saving radiation medicine and they win the battle with frightening ease with the guns Gilad repaired and handed out.  The medicine is recovered and everyone is saved but Gilad’s grandaughter Caroline seems to have picked up some dangerous new talents that worries Gilad.
  • Savage Wolverine #17: The final battle to protect the children of his friend Elias takes place as Logan manages to get the two remaining children, Sophia and Matti, to their aunt’s farm but the gangsters tracking them find them as well.  They kill the children’s uncle and put out Sophia’s eye but Wolverine unleashes his savage side and kills one of the gangsters while the children’s aunt kills the other with a set of antlers on the wall.  Sophia and her brother have a normal life afterward and, in the present, Logan visits an elderly Sophia.
  • Fantastic Four #3: After stopping an attack by shadow monsters from a universe invented by Franklyn Richards, Johnny Storm loses his powers because of the bomb used to stop the monsters.  Reed vows to find a cure but Johnny accepts his fate for the moment and goes off to focus on his music career and personal life.  Meanwhile, Sue takes the Future Foundation kids on a field trip to the bottom of the ocean.  Ben meets up with Johnny to check up on him but the duo are attacked by Wizard and the Wrecking Crew, who have formed a new Frightful Four.


  • TMNT #33: The Turtles, April, Splinter and Casey arrive back in NYC after recovering in Northhampton and the Turtles immediately set out to train and improve their fighting skills for their inevitable rematch with Shredder and the Foot.  Casey, meanwhile, has a harsh reunion with his father Hun, who has been given an ultimatum by Shredder to either convince Casey to join them or he will be killed along with the Turtles.  Hun tries to convince Casey to leave the city for his own safety but Casey will not leave his new family and the two part ways determined to stop the other.
  • Ash and the Army of Darkness #6: Stopping the possessed Wise Man was only the tip of the iceberg for Ash, as he now as to recover the Book of the Dead and also stop the possessed Sheila from raising a deadite army and destroying the world.  Getting a new sword attachment for his metal gauntlet, Ash sets out to find Sheila and gets help from a group of monks who worship him and have even chopped of their own hands as tribute.  They point him to a witch who seems to know all about Ash and, after fighting her defender, he meets her in a hidden grove.
  • All New Invaders #4: The Invaders surrender to the Kree soldiers after they reveal they have taken control of the Eternal Ikaris.  The Supreme Intelligence details his plan to harvest the bits of each of the Invaders, save Bucky, who is seemingly killed after trying to escape, and forces Cap, Namor and Jim Hammond to fight Ikaris to the death.  Bucky, who faked his injury, sneaks off to free Aarkus, the original Vision, so that they can help the other Invaders and stop the Kree.
  • Daredevil #2: Matt Murdock meets a rival vigilante in his new hometown of San Fransisco, The Shroud, who is much more brutal in his stopping of crime.  After a brief skirmish, The Shroud convinces Matt to help him take down The Owl, a crime boss recently established in the city.  Following the Shroud, Matt is caught in a trap and it seems like The Shroud might be the actual new crime boss.
  • Tomb Raider #3: In Dublin, Lara and her fellow survivor Reyes are on the run from members of the Solarii cult the group barely escaped from in the recent game.  All the survivors apparently took some sort of artifact from the island but Lara does not remember what she took, if anything.  After a chase through the city, Lara and Reyes manage to escape but Lara declares that they must return to Yamatai to stop whatever is happening.


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