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News Shotgun 5/9

By Zach


  • Michael Dougherty directing Krampus movie: Dougherty, who directed Trick R Treat, is going to be directing a Christmas themed darkly comedic horror movie for Legendary.  Kevin Smith is also developing a holiday horror movie around the mystical creature called Anti-Claus.
  • James Franco will most likely play Tommy Wiseau in The Disaster ArtistJames Franco optioned the rights to the book The Disaster Artist about the insanity that went on behind the scenes of The Room and now, according to Seth Rogen, James Franco will most likely be playing “artist” Tommy Wiseau in the movie adapation.
  • John Goodman and Ken Watanabe voicing Transformers: Goodman will voice Hound and Watanabe will voice Drift, both Autobots.
  • New Bourne gets a writer: The next chapter starring Jeremy Renner’s Aaron Cross will be written by Andrew Baldwin, who was working on the Logan’s Run remake and also the upcoming thriller Bastille Day starring Idris Elba.  Justin Lin is set to direct the movie.
  • Chris Hemsworth may play Riggs in a Lethal Weapon reboot: There’s a rumor that Hemsworth may take on the classic Mel Gibson role in a reboot of Lethal Weapon.  Justin Lin was rumored to direct but he has denied that.
  • New Power Rangers movie coming: Lionsgate and Saban are teaming to bring the Power Rangers back to the big screen.  It’s not clear what incarnation will be featured but it seems like it could by Mighty Morphin, as there’s the 90’s nostalgia that is incredibly strong right now and a new comic book featuring that team coming from Papercutz.
  • Gerard Butler out of Point Break: Gerard Butler was set to take on the role made famous by Patrick Swayze, Bodhi, but has now dropped out of the remake.
  • Ed Brubaker writing script for Maniac Cop remake: The comic legend of Captain America and countless other series has scripted the Maniac Cop remake that is being developed by Nicolas Winding Refn.  Original director William Lustig is producing along with Refn
  • Warcraft movie moves to 2016: The video game movie, being directed by Duncan Jones, has moved out of holiday 2015, most likely to avoid direct competition from Star Wars Episode VII.
  • Halo series may go to Showtime: The Steven Spielberg produced show based on the Halo video game series was originally announced as an Xbox Live original series but now it seems that the series may debut on Showtime first and then head to the Xbox.

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