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Musical Montage: Michael Jackson “Smooth Criminal”


The theme song for Jackson’s 1988 movie Moonwalker, Smooth Criminal is easily one of the top 5 best MJ songs.  Originally MJ wanted the video to be Western themed but changed it to 1930’s gangsters and in the movie, MJ is investigating the nightclub Club 30’s to find crime boss Mr. Big, who has been kidnapping children around the city.  The music video for the song has at least four different versions, with the 10 minute edited version, which is below.  The actual segment of Moonwalker is almost 40 minutes long.  There’s also an album version that is a little over 4 minutes and a This Is It version that is black and white. In all the versions, MJ unveiled his new, revolutionary move, the Anti-Grav lean, that has his feet planted but his body leaning forward at what seems like a 45 degree.  Finally, it was also the basis for the first few levels of the Michael Jackson Genesis game, also based on Moonwalker.

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