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The Jack Attack: LAD “6-7 PM”

By Zach


President Heller performs one last action as President in an attempt to stop Margot Al-Harazi from destroying London on the latest episode of 24.

Getting dropped off at the US Embassy by Kate after surviving the rocket attack by one of Margot’s drones, Jack learns why the President needed to see him; He needs Jack to deliver him to Wembley Stadium so that Margot Al-Harazi can execute him in exchange for destroying the drones.  Jack does not agree with the decision but agrees to help smuggle the President out of the embassy.  With an equally reluctant Mark, Jack gets the Secret Service details and embassy layout and manages to get Heller out while Mark pulls most of the staff in for a meeting.

Back at CIA HQ, Kate gets Simone into the infirmary but she’s not in good shape for questioning.  Jack tells Kate to question her by any means necessary and Kate forces the doctors to give her a dose of adrenaline and she manages to get the location of the manor Margot was operating out of and the existence of a data disk that may let them access Margot’s systems.  Kate gets a copy of the disk to Chloe, but she’s not able to decipher enough in time to save Heller, especially not working out of a crowded pub on a laptop.  Steve Navarro, on the other hand, is dealing with his own problem of Jordan, who survived the first attempt on him by the assassin sent by Steve and Adrian Cross.  Jordan manages to contact Steve, who immediately tells the assassin where to find him.  Jordan actually manages to get the drop on his assassin but gets tricked by the old “Is your safety on?” bit and takes a knife to the chest, but manages to kill the assassin and they both end up bleeding out on the floor of a motorcycle repair shop.

After taking a chopper to Wembley, Heller walks to the center of the pitch and gives Margot a good luck at his face before she blows him up with a missile.

  • Bad Ass Bauer Moment of the Week: Jack tells Kate to “wake the bitch up!” when she’s reluctant to force Simone to talk.
  • Although we didn’t see too much of his Presidency, Heller is probably one of the best 24 presidents, although besides David Palmer, most of them were either evil or incompetent.
  • Classic Chloe moment where she brusquely dismisses Adrian’s attempts to woo her back to the group.
  • Audrey does not take the news about her father particularly well, Mark is going to be even deeper in the dog house.
  • It seems like Margot’s son, Ian, may pull a fast one and double cross his mother to continue the attacks but from the preview of next week’s episode, it seems like that probably won’t be the case.

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