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Reach Me Trailer


Tom Berenger, Sly Stallone, Tom Jane, Danny Trejo, Terry Crews, Kelsey Grammar; it sounds like the next Expendables line up but instead, it’s just part of the cast of an incredibly bizarre looking drama coming later this year, Reach Me.  Taking a page from something like *shudder* Crash *shudder*, the movie follows a group of people who are tangentially connected through a popular self-help book, coincidentally called “Reach Me”, written by a reclusive former football coach.  Stallone is some sort of artist(?), Tom Berenger may be the author, Kevin Connolly seems to be Berenger’s son, Kyra Sedgwick is a woman just released from prison and, probably most strangely, Tom Jane is a gun slinging cop who is, like, addicted to killing people?  There’s also Lauren Cohan, Nelly, David O’Hara and Danny Aiello.  Funding for the movie ran out about halfway though the production so it was first brought to Kickstarter but that campaign was cancelled in favor of an indiegogo campaign that completed with $180 thousand+ donated.  The movie is out in October and you can try to decipher the trailer below.

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