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The Pull List 7/31


  • Chew: Warrior Chicken Poyo #1: Poyo, the luchador, cybernetic, secret agent chicken of the Chew universe is sent to another dimension to free a fantasy realm from an evil wizard using murderous vegetables to kill and enslave the people.  Poyo and a fellowship of 23 other warriors were sent out but only Poyo remains and rips the wizard’s skeleton out through his mouth.  He’s then sent to help a particular group of survivors deal with The Walking Dead.
  • Star Slammers: Re-Mastered #5: A lone Star Slammer was captured and being transported on board a ship bound for the imperial homeworld but an assassin kills his guards and the Slammer, Rojas, is freed and tries to escape but is discovered the dangerous Col Phaedra.  Before they can fight, a squad of armored soldiers bursts through the wall of the ship and their commander orders everyone killed.
  • X-O Manowar #27: The first hunt of the Armor Hunters is revealed as they track a rogue armor to a jungle world and their squad leader, Reebo, takes it down with specially made spears that are the only things that kill the armor.  They also learn the armors are botanical/organic hybrids that originated on a specific planet but have spread and destroyed all planets in their wake.
  • Doc Savage #8: In this final issue, Doc and his team execute a last ditch plan to interrupt the signal emanating from every cell phone in the world that is causing humanity to rip itself apart through violence.  The team succeeds but the damage is immense, with investigations pending for Doc but they will have to wait as Doc and his team must stop a massive asteroid from colliding with the Earth.


  • Samurai Jack #10: With his physical attacks against Jack not working, Aku decides to try to mentally attack him and enters Jack’s mind while he’s sleeping to try and destroy his memories.  Jack’s will is to strong and his memories are able to fight back and defeat Aku, who slinks back to his lair to try and come up with a new plan to stop Jack.
  • Batman Eternal #17: In Tokyo, Red Robin and Harper manage to convince nanorobotics expert Sergei Alexandrov to come back to Gotham and stop the nanobots attacking people, which he claims are based on an obsolete version stolen from him.  Meanwhile, Batwing and Spectre are getting overwhelmed by the horrific hordes under Arkham being led by Deacon Blackfire, who is trying to resurrect his spirit into Maxie Zeus’ body.
  • Ghostbusters #18: Ray’s blackouts are getting worse as he seems to be getting contacted by Gozer, thanks to the interference on Earth by her sister, Tiamat.  The rest of the ‘busters take down Vigo again but witness some bizarre behavior from the spirits surrounding him, who seemingly consume him after being hit by positively charged slime.  Egon and Kylie, back at the firehouse, manage to exorcise the new demons possessing Dana and Louis, who are cleared once again from any paranormal residue.


  • Detective Comics Annual #3: Batman tracks a shipment of weapons stolen from the police lockup but takes the time to help Aden Day, the young son of Julian Day, the man who will be Calendar Man.  Julian is out helping a low level thug collect a shipment of Icarus for his older brother, The Squid, but betrays Julian and takes the shipment for himself.  Aden is kidnapped by the Bastards of Blackgate gang but Batman gets suited up in heavy armor and takes the thugs down, bringing Aden to the safe haven of Elanna Aguilla’s shelter. (This story takes place before the current Icarus story where Elanna is forcibly given the drug and OD’s on Bruce doorstep)
  • Guardians of the Galaxy #17: Just in time for the movie, the Guardians are reunited after being captured by the various galactic empires but they are even more wanted as fugitives.  The only member left unaccounted for is Venom, who is staying hidden in the alleys of Knowwhere for some reason.
  • Star Wars Rebel Heist #4: The important covert mission involving Han, Chewie, Leia and Luke is a success this issue as they are able to retrieve an Imperial shuttle carrying their target, the future shield generators for Echo Base.  Their selfless actions manage to also turn an Imperial spy sent to track them down and he defects to the Rebellion, where he’s last seen in the comic finding the plans for the Death Star II.


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