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The Pull List 8/28


  • Wolverine #12: The final issue of the regular Wolverine series before the Death of Wolverine event begins finds Logan and Sabretooth in a final knockdown, drag out brawl that Logan finally comes out on top in, but without his healing factor he’s got a long recovery ahead.  Two extra stories reveal what would have happened if Logan had given in to the intelligent virus that took his healing factor and gotten it back and the other tells the history of NYC’s premiere superhero bar, The Guernica.
  • Ghostbusters #19: Ray’s mind becomes the battlefield for Gozer and Taimat as they have a serious case of sibling rivalry while the rest of the ‘Busters try and break Ray out of their hold, but to no avail.  Winston pulls a hail mary and yanks the wiring out of the containment unit, possibly leading to a massive explosion and the release of every spirit the team has captured.
  • Turtles in Time #3: The Turtles find themselves going from feudal Japan to a pirate ship in the 1700’s as their trip through time continues.  Mikey unwittingly becomes captain of a sloop and leads the pirates against the forces of The Kraken, who turns out to be Krang.  The Turtles defeat Krang’s men and then are beamed out again.  Afterwards, the pirates honor the lessons they learned from the Turtles and destroy Krang’s base and technology.
  • Godzilla: Rulers of the Earth #15: Godzilla is up against four Mechagodzillas in Boston, sent by a vengeful alien overlord, and, despite putting up a massive fight, is subdued and transported to Russia by a newly arrived Mecha King Ghidrah.  Meanwhile, the Kaiju research time is transporting Anguirus to Russia as well in their own Mechagodzilla but they are attacked and forced to crashland.


  • Thunderbolts #30: Punisher and Elektra break up in the only way they know how, a vicious street fight.  They decide not to kill each other, which seems like the closest they would get to a mutual break up and Punisher leaves to recover and take the fight to Ross.
  • 24: Underground #5: The events between 24 Season 8 and Live Another Day wrap up as Jack is taken by Mishka Drazen but escapes and heads into a nearby outdoor market.  The CIA closes in as well and a standoff results, with Mishka getting taken out by the CIA, one of whom is critically injured and Jack tells his partner she can either save him or capture Jack.  She choses the latter and Jack escapes and makes his way to Romania to lay low again.
  • X-O Manowar #28: The story behind why former Armor Hunter Malgam is infected by the armor is revealed this issue as a flashback finds Malgam, Reebo and the other hunters taking on a giant, insectoid alien covered in armor.  Reebo manages to kill the armor but Malgam is mortally injured.  Reebo intentionally infects Malgam to save him and the hunters place him in stasis on their ship/robot Gn-Gir and head off to their next hunt.
  • Flash Gordon #5: Flash, Arden and Zarkov escaped Arboria and are heading to Sky World to try and get help against Ming from the Hawkmen.  On the way to the planet, their ship is captured by some sort of living force field but Zarkov manages to reprogram their quantum drive and they jump into Sky World’s atmosphere.  On the planet, Flash and Zarkov are entranced by creatures called Sky Sirens and taken into the clouds.  Arden is found by a pair of Hawkmen warriors, who tell her Flash and Zarkov will be dead soon if they don’t act.


  • Batman Eternal #21: Just when things were looking up for the Batfamily, some massive twists this issue put them back to square one.  Batman discovers by questioning a recently released Carmine Falcone that he got a mysterious letter 2 weeks before the fateful subway accident that Jim Gordon allegedly causes, meaning Falcone was not behind the events.  Lt. Bard is promoted to Commissioner but it’s revealed he’s in cahoots with Hush, who returns and poisons Alfred with fear toxin in Wayne Manor.
  • Silver Surfer #5: Unable to leave the planet after dropping off normal Earth girl Dawn Greenwood, Norrin learns from the astral projection of Dr. Strange and the Hulk that an alignment of the planets has put Nightmare to sleep and, if he’s not awoken, the entire planet will be trapped in a nightmare.  Dawn is the only one left awake and she and Norrin have to move through the dreams of her father and sister to find Nightmare and wake him up.  They succeed and Dawn decides to go with Norrin for a cosmic adventure and they head into space.
  • Army of Darkness: Ash Gets Hitched #2: Ash, Sheila and the Wise Man arrive at Henry’s castle, only to find a horde of Deadites, seemingly immune to sunlight, swarming outside.  After fighting their way, the Wise Man reveals they rebuilt Ash’s car and they learn from a pair of the Deadites, who turn out to be the leaders of the two armies who arrived to help Henry, that Faceless Man is behind the new outbreak.  His face is what was used to bind the Necromonicon, so the trio heads to return to the graveyard Ash journeyed to originally in Army of Darkness to recover the book.

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