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Free Fall Trailer

Stuck Production Stills Trancas International Films Malek Akkad Director

A new entry in the “trapped in one location” genre of thrillers is the upcoming Free Fall, where an elevator is the main location our heroine, Jane (Sarah Butler), is trapped in.  A young up and coming executive at a major corporation, her boss seemingly commits suicide by jumping from his office on one of their upper floors of their building.  Jane uncovers evidence of criminal activity and becomes the target of the corporation’s “cleaner”, DB Sweeney.  Attempting to escape, she gets trapped in the elevator between floors and has to figure out a way to get out and escape the killer.  Malcolm McDowell and Ian Gomez co-star and the movie is out on iTunes on October 17th and on DVD, Blu Ray and On Demand on October 28th.  Check out the trailer below.

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