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The Pull List 9/11


  • Prometheus: Fire and Stone #1: Set 200 years after Prometheus and post-Aliens, this new mini-series from Dark Horse is going to attempt to unify the Prometheus/Alien and Predator storylines.  A massive salvage operation heads to LV-223 to, we assume, find the remains of the Prometheus to recover and sell but their captain, Angela Foster, is secretly trying to find the Engineers.  The crew is shocked to find the desert moon now teeming with bizarre life in a rainforest and also discover Hadley’s Hope, which is supposed to be on LV-426 and was thought to be destroyed by the nuke blast at the end of Aliens.
  • The Flash: Season Zero #1: A prequel to the upcoming series premiere, Barry Allen, still figuring out his powers, takes on a gigantic, super strength possessing circus strongman at a bank and just barely manages to avoid being crushed by falling debris.
  • Splinter Cell: Echoes #3:  Sam is captured by Georgian separatists, who want revenge for what I believe is the events of the first Splinter Cell game.  Grimsdottir uses some big favors to pull Sam out and then gives Fifth Echelon supplies to go back in clandestinely and find out what the terrorist group KROWE is planning and Sam finds a secret computer station that has hacked it’s way into the US’s defense network.
  • Astro City #15: After being arrested last issue because her nephew rented her robots out to criminals, Ellie Jennersen is put on trial but her robots free her and she forces herself to remember the tragic events of the past.  While in college, her best friend, Vivi Viktor, was also a robotics major but did not share Ellie’s altruistic philosophy of sharing her knowledge with the world, so she created a device that stole her memories and brain waves, which she then used for all of her subsequent evil robots.  Ellie is still able to communicate with basically any robot on Earth and helps the Honor Guard superheroes stop Vivi from taking over the government and then goes back to helping her robots in peace and quiet.


  • Deadpool #34: In another flashback issue, this time to the 90’s, Deadpool is basically brainwashed by the evil Weapon X director, Butler, who is harvesting Wade’s blood and wiping his mind.  As a test, Butler sends Wade to Canada with Sabretooth, where he is unwittingly targeting his own parents.  Their initial attempt is foiled by Alpha Flight but later, in maybe the darkest sequence yet of this Deadpool run, Wade returns and burns down his parents house while they are still inside and he and Creed silently ride back to the US.  Thanks to Heroes for Hire, Carmelita find Deadpool and reveals the existence of their daughter Ellie to him but he freaks out and drives her away.  Back in the present, Ellie and Wade have been reunited but Ellie is living with SHIELD Agent Preston and her family.
  • New Warriors #9: Scarlett Spider must face down his past when the team is teleported to Houston and he must face Choke the Bear, a massive college mascot who was hit by a meteorite and given powers.  Scarlett Spider wants nothing to do with the Warriors or Choke but eventually his inner heroic side wins out and he and Justice manage to take down Choke, who was just the suit grown to Godzilla side while the nerd inside was still normal.  Meanwhile, the rest of the Warriors head to Prague to take Haechi’s mind off his recent encounter with his fellow Inhumans at a rave.
  • Superman Unchained #8: Superman and Wraith have an epic final battle that takes them through the moon and into the core of the Earth, where the magnetic forces nullify only their most basic powers and Superman manages to finally beat Wraith in a fair fist fight.  Back at the Fortress of Solitude, Jimmy Olson is teleported back by Lex Luthor, who reveals that Wraith and the technology he brought was basically a scouting mission for an alien race, who are now arriving to Earth to harvest the results.  Lex has made a serum that will power Superman up enough to stop the invasion, but will also kill him after it runs out.
  • Batman Eternal #23: Catwoman meets with her father, the former crime boss Rex “The Lion” Calabrese, who recently helped out Gordon during the riots in Blackgate.  Rex claims that Selina can unite the warring crime families if she embraces her name but Selina wants no part of it.  Meanwhile, back at the Beacon Tower, Batman prevents the tower from collapsing but the resonance caused reverberates through the surrounding area and causes a massive earthquake.
  • Death of Wolverine #2: Logan arrives in Madripoor and uses a borrowed Iron Man helmet to get a meeting with Viper, who reveals she was given a ridiculous contract to capture Logan and then sub-contracted it out to the various groups and mercenaries Wolverine took out.  Viper also has Sabretooth under her control, as he’s poisoned and need the antidote every day, and forces the two to fight, where Logan gets an assist from Lady Deathstrike, who reveals there’s a contract out for her as well and others and wants to team with Logan to find out who put the contract out.  Kitty Pryde arrives as well to help out and the group is headed to Japan.

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