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The Pull List 9/18


  • Deadpool Bi-Annual #1: Paul Scheer and Nick Giovannetti tag in to write a “Bi-Annual” issue of Deadpool that features the return of cheesy 90’s animal superhero team, Brute Force.  Parodying the hub-bub surrounding Blackfish, Wade is hired by an evil Sea Worldesque company called Water World to defend their parks from attacks by the animal/robot team but Wade learns that the company is actually conducting experiments to create their own animal supersoldiers to take over the world.  After some mediation from Agent Coulson, Wade and Brute Force team up and save the day.
  • Batman Eternal #24: Stephanie Brown aka Spoiler overhears her father updating Hush on his team’s progress in disrupting Gotham’s infrastructure and driving up the tension in the city.  Hush demands the Cluemaster kill his daughter but Stephanie manages to out drive and out maneuver him and Cluemaster is arrested by state authorities, not corrupt GCPD cops.
  • Arrow Season 2.5 #2: Ollie manages to use a parachute arrow and rescue Roy, who was shot and fell out of the drug plane Team Arrow was trying to stop.  Ollie and Dig manage to remove the bullet and stabilize Roy while Laurel finally gives up her vigil next to Quentin’s hospital bed, who went into surgery after he collapsed at the end of Season 2, and goes home to get some rest.  There’s also someone new taking on the mantle of Brother Blood, who is gathering new followers to his “church” under Starling City.
  • Nova #21: Sam infiltrates the Chitauri homeworld and finds that his father has escaped after leading a revolt of captured gladiators.  Jesse Alexander and his fellow gladiators now have to figure out how to get everyone home with only a limited amount of fuel and friendly nearby worlds while Sam tells his mom the truth and vows to keep looking for Jesse.


  • Thor: God of Thunder #25: The “final” issue before Lady Thor debuts next month features a pair of stories, one of which is the origin of Malekith, who was sold into slavery by his mother and became a “corpse burner” in the Dark Elf army before being taken in as an apprentice by a wizard.  After surpassing his master in power, Malekith was disgusted that his master wanted to create peace and Malekith murdered him.  The other story finds young Thor battling the Frost Giants on Earth, who are trying to resurrect Lauffey, the Frost Giant king.  They fail but the skull was apparently discovered centuries later by Roxxon.
  • Armor Hunters: Bloodshot #3: The final battle of the big Valiant crossover is almost here but in this issue, Bloodshot has to take down the former Armor Hunter, Malgam, who’s been infected by the organic Manowar armor.  After a brutal fight, Bloodshot tells technopath team member Livewire to funnel all the electricity in the lower level of the former MERO base through his body, but it’s still not enough to stop Malgam, who almost escapes in an alien Vine ship.  Bloodshot manages to revive himself and forces the hangar doors to close and traps Malgam in a force field bubble.
  • Hulk #6: Hulk, now calling himself Doc Green, is attempting to stop the spread of gamma weapons by “curing” everyone who is gamma radiated, starting with his best friend Rick Jones aka A-Bomb.  Rick doesn’t feel like he needs a cure and a massive fight breaks out between the two but Doc has his team rocket in a vial of cure, after the first syringe broke, and de-powers Rick, but then asks his help to cure the rest of the game affected people, like She-Hulk and General Ross.
  • Judge Dredd #23: Dredd manages to escape the Dark Judge controlled Sector One of Mega City by passing through what he thinks is an intelligent wall of slime but it’s intelligence was killed by the probing done by insane Chief Justice Cal and it takes Dredd a month to make it to the other side.  Upon reaching Sector 2, Dredd is targeted as a fugitive by the other judges and has no choice but to pass back through the slime into Sector 1, which takes another month.  Upon getting back to Sector 1, Dredd comes face to face with all the Dark Judges, led by Judge Death.


  • Daredevil #8: Matt and his law partner/girlfriend Kirsten McDuffie are invited by Kirsten’s father for a day on his yacht, which is actually an attempt by Mr. McDuffie to get Matt to sign a book deal and write his autobiography.  Meanwhile, The Purple Man, the mind controlling supervillain, is in San Fransisco and collecting the children from his various affairs, trying to get the unconditional love and family he craves.  His kids turn out to be too powerful though and use their combined mind control powers to march him in front of a train.
  • Unity #11:  In Los Angeles, Ninjak and Gilad the Eternal Warrior try to fight off an army of robotic drones sent by the Armor Hunters ship/robot weapon Gin-Gr and Ninjak utilizes a weapon he spent over 5 years developing that manages to take down a majority of the drones but there’s simply too many and they are forced to regroup back to MERO Captain Capshaw and Livewire to wait for Bloodshot and launch one last counterattack.
  • Turtles in Time #4: The Turtles final time travel destination is a future version of NYC that is filled with other mutants but also controlled by Shredder.  The Turtles meet an older version of Donatello, who explains that Shredder and Krang had a massive war that split the Earth in half.  Seeing the odds, old Donnie gave up while the other Turtles continued to fight but died and the other leaders of the Resistance were captured.  The younger Turtles go to rescue the captured leaders and old Donnie has a change of heart and joins them.  After the leaders are rescued, the Turtles’ time traveling friend Renet is able to finally get them back to their own time, where they have to try and figure out how to prevent that future from happening.
  • Godzilla: Cataclysm #2: In a post apocalyptic world that was destroyed by the kaiju, Godzilla returns after seemingly disappearing and battles his fellow returned monsters Biollante and Mothra, both of whom are defeated by Godzilla.  The surviving humans are thrown into a panic and while some pray to the monsters to spare them, others think that they need to bring back the practice of sacrificing people to appease the monsters.


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