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Battle at the Box Office 11/3


After going back and forth in the estimated weekend box office, it seems like Ouija managed to hold off Nightcrawler over the Halloween weekend.  Ouija took in $10.7 million, putting it over $34 million for it’s two weeks out, making back about 6 times it’s $5 million budget.

Nightcrawler, with tons of positive reviews but a pretty out there main character and plot, took in $10.4 million, a bit low compared to the most recent Jake Gyllenhaal outing, End of Watch, which took in $13.2 million and also low compared to similar seeming movies like Drive.

The third, fourth and fifth place movies were the same as last weekend, Fury, Gone Girl and Book of Life respectively.

John Wick unfortunately took a pretty big tumble, despite being awesome, and went from second to sixth with another $8 million.

Birdman continues to add theaters, now in 231 and had a massive per screen average of over $10,000 and $2.5 million for the weekend

Before I Go To Sleep, probably because no one knew it was out, was an unmitigated disaster, only making a little over $2 million and debuting in 14th place.

Also bombing was the 10th anniversary release of Saw 1, which didn’t even make $1 million at the over 2,000 theaters it was playing at, instead making $650,000 and having one of the worst per screen openings of all time.  We’re talking Delgo or Oogieloves level bad.

This coming weekend is going to feature the first of the massive fall juggernauts as Interstellar and Big Hero 6 compete for the top of the box office.


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