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Everything Actioncast Ep 234 “Too Many Deadites”


This week Zach and Chris hold down the fort and talk about Too Many Cooks!, Evil Dead: The Series, potential Suicide Squad members, Toy Story 4, The Hateful Eight and where they fit in the Tarantinoverse, Baymax and much more.

  • News: Evil Dead: The Series coming to Starz, Star Wars Episode VII is The Force Awakens, Toy Story 4 coming in 2017, Johnny Rockets bringing back drive in movies, Hateful Eight cast revealed, Mark Wahlberg is the Six Million Dollar Man, Skyline 2 coming with Frank Grillo potentially starring, Matt Damon confirms he will be back as Bourne, Suicide Squad casting rumors.
  • Show and Tell: Zach and Chris watched Too Many Cooks and Stretch while Chris caught up on Constantine and watched Journey to the West while Zach watched Big Hero 6 and Plastic Galaxy.

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