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Kick Ass Gift Guide 2014: Joe’s Picks


Death Hunt- The Charles Bronson classic. You won’t be sorry

Death Wish- Another Bronson classic… Your family will have a lot of questions about your mental state after shotgunning these two bad ass flicks back-to-back

Breakheart Pass- Not a Bronson classic… But another foray into the world of badassery with the ugliest man in show biz… Now in terrifying HD!

Secret Agent Club- What’s better than one Hulkster? TWO, BROTHER! SECRET AGENTS AND ESPIONAGE ARE RUNNING WILD

Dragon Ball Z Season 1- You remember toonami. Buy it and keep it inside of a leather bound encyclopedia… Whatever it takes. The point is, you want to own this. OVER 9,000!


The Insanity Defense by Woody Allen- Some of his best work never made it to the screen. And if nothing else having it on your bookshelf makes you seem cultured and super tolerant

The Dark Knight by Craig Byrne- You saw the movie. Check out the behind the scenes stuff and awesome concept stuff for a fraction of the price

The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding by Arnold Schwarzenegger- You’ve seen Arnold. And if you want to be half the man he is, start reading 

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield- If you want to be better than you are, read this book. It’s a quick read but one you won’t forget

Video Games

Assassin’s Creed Unity- It probably kinda sucks. But there are likely some cool parts. Maybe Game Fly it? Meh

Batman: Arkham Knight- Pre-ordering this game is a better investment than any game you could buy and play today. It’s science. 

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham- What do you mean, “same game over and over?” Nonsense! Everything is awesome!


Muscle Pharm Iron Mass Weight Gainer- Tastes delicious…and it works. Now just add weights and hard work and you could make something of yourself. Seriously

MST3K Sticker- Buy them and put it on everything you own. Bonus action points if you put it on your flatscreen TV

Rambo II MC-RB2 Knife- Rambo, John J. Buy with caution… May make you too manly for friends and loved ones to handle

Scorch Torch Butane Lighter- A man should always possess the means to readily make fire. Light her cigarette and get a conversation started. And do it in style

Neff Brodie Sunglasses- RAP GAME LIBERACE

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