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Battle at the Box Office 2/9


American Sniper was finally unseated by basically it’s polar opposite, the latest wacky adventure from Spongebob Squarepants.  Sponge out of Water made $56 million, up over $20 million from the first Spongebob movie and the fifth highest opening ever for February.

American Sniper dropped to second with another $24.2 million and putting it over $282 million for it’s four weeks out.  It’s made more than all the other Best Picture nominees combined and could possibly make over $350 million before it’s run in theaters is done.

Jupiter Ascending was a weak third place with only $19 million, which is only about $1 million more than Speed Racer’s opening in 2008 but is double Cloud Atlas’ opening.  The movie cost $176 million, so unless it makes a ton overseas, it’s going to lose a ton of money for WB.

Also probably going to lose a ton of money was Seventh Son, which only made $7.1 million, putting it below other bombs like I, Frankenstein, Pompeii and The Legend of Hercules.  It’s delay of two and a half years on the shelf probably did not really help that much.

Paddington rounded out the top 5 with $5.4 million, dropping off a bit most likely because of Spongebob.

Project Almanac had a massive fall from last weekend, going from second to sixth and only making another $5.3 million.

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