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Beyond the Reach Trailer

Beyond the Reach Movie

It seems like every year or so there’s a movie that throws back to “The Most Dangerous Game”.  There was Killing Season probably most recently with John Travolta and Robert DeNiro and this year we’ll have Beyond the Reach.  Michael Douglas stars as a billionaire CEO who recruits a young tracker, Jeremy Irvine, to bring him on a hunt into the Mojave Desert but when Douglas mistakenly kills a local man, he attempts to cover the act up by forcing his guide into heading into the desert with no water or clothes at gunpoint.  His guide is craftier than he thinks though and tries to figure out a way to get the upper hand.  Michael Douglas seems like he’ll fun as a psychopath and most of these types of movies are dumb fun.  Beyond the Reach doesn’t have a solid release date in the US but it should arrive sometime this year, check out the trailer below.

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