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Battle at the Box Office 2/23

By Zach


Fifty Shades of Grey still won the box office in it’s second weekend out but took a huge fall, in fact the second highest loss for a movie at over 3,100 theaters (the champ is still the Friday the 13th remake BTW).  Fifty Shade made another $23.2 million, putting it at over $130 million for it’s two weeks out and it’s also dominating overseas with a massive  $286 million and could potentially reach $400 million as more countries like South Korea get the movie.

Kingsman stayed in second with another $18.3 million, down almost 50% from last weekend.  It’s made $67.9 million in it’s two weekends out and it could potentially top $100 million.

Spongebob also stayed in the same spot as last weekend, third, with another $16.6 million and it’s made over $126 million.

Two of the new releases rounded out the top 5.  MacFarland, USA took fourth with $11 million, higher than both the most recent Disney sports movie, Million Dollar Arm, and the most recent Kevin Costner sports movie, Draft Day.  It’s got good word of mouth coming out of the weekend so it could remain steady as Fifty Shades plummets past it in the next week or so.  The DUFF took fifth with $10.8 million, nowhere near the big teen comedy hits of recent years like Easy A or Mean Girls but considering most people only found out the movie was coming out possibly days before it was released, it did OK.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 was a pretty massive bomb over the weekend, taking seventh with $5.9 million.  The original took in over $14 million on it’s opening weekend and HTTM 2 is more on par with this year’s bombs like Blackhat, Strange Magic and Mortdecai.

Jupiter Ascending is on a pretty steep slide out of the top 10, going from fifth to eighth in it’s third week out.  It made $3.8 million this past weekend and it’s only made $39.6 million total.  It’s budget was over $176 million, so it’s definitely going to end up as a pretty massive disaster.

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