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Movie of the Month: Left Behind (2014)


Last year featured a bizarrely high number of Christian/faith based movies like God’s Not Dead, Son of God and more but only one features Nic Cage trying to survive The Rapture, Left Behind.

The Left Behind franchise originally started out as a series of 16(!!!) books by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, which detailed the battles between the people who are left on Earth and the Antichrist, who disguises himself as a UN politician.  They were then infamously turned into a trilogy of films starring Kirk Cameron.


There were even two RTS PC games based on the series:

We’ll be heading into the End Times at the end of the month as we watch Left Behind on Netflix.  We are also going in completely cold, so hopefully it’s as batshit insane as we are all hoping it will be.


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