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Battle at the Box Office 5/11


Marvel fans seemed to bring their moms out to the movies this past weekend as Age of Ultron easily dominated for the second weekend in a row and had the second highest 2nd week of all time with $77 million and has already made $313 million domestically, more than the entire runs of both Thor and both Cap movies.  It’s made over $562 million world wide as well.

In a distant second was the lone new release of the weekend, Hot Pursuit, which made $13 million on over 3,000 screens, which is not that great and is worse than the opening of Reese Witherspoon’s last comedy, This Means War, which made $17.4 million for the weekend but came out on a Wednesday.

Age of Adaline stayed in third with another $5.8 million, bringing it to just shy of $32 million for it’s three weeks out.

Furious 7 and Paul Blart 2 rounded out the top 5.

Ex Machina moved up to sixth place by getting another 725 theaters and took in $3.5 million, bringing it to just short of $16 million.

The Jack Black dark comedy The D Train expanded wide over the weekend but didn’t crack the top ten, making only $447,000 in 1009 theaters.

The big question this coming weekend is if Mad Max: Fury Road is going to become a huge hit or under perform but be awesome like recent cult classics like Pacific Rim or Dredd.

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