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The Insanity of Jurassic Park: Raptor (Part 2)

Posted on June 11, 2015 by


So things got off to a kind of crazy start with Grant and Sattler fighting a mercenary big game hunter, George Lawala, and then getting kidnapped, along with five juvenile raptors, by said big game hunter.  After the raptors got loose in the cargo plane flying them all to the rendezvous point for Lawala’s deal, Lawala, the pilot and two of the raptors were killed and Grant and Sattler were nosediving into the Colombian jungle.

Picking things up in the four issue Raptors Attack story.  Grant awakens with a broken leg in the home of Colombian drug kingpin Rafael, who demands that in exchange for his “hospitality”, Grant and Sattler must care for and help train the remaining three raptors, who he wants to turn into the ultimate attack dogs.  Grant and Sattler nickname the raptors Alf, Betty and Celia, with Alf being the only remaining male raptor.  Celia is recovering from a neck wound and slowly allows Ellie to tend to her wound.  Alf and Betty are fixed with shock collars and, after a few weeks of training, are seemingly broken and obeying Rafael’s commands.  As a test, he sends them out to slaughter a squad of Colombian soldiers looking for Grant and Sattler.  Grant and Sattler try to escape but they are caught by Alf and Betty, who obey Rafael’s command to not kill them but escape seems impossible

Worried about where his friends are, and mostly recovered from his wounds sustained at Jurassic Park, Ian Malcolm is in Panama trying to find out where Grant and Sattler are after they went missing during the clean up of Jurassic Park.  The US military is seemingly no help but Malcolm gets help from the most unexpected source imaginable, a live and well Robert Muldoon(!?!)


Muldoon’s only explanation for being alive is that he “knew their hunting tricks” and seems none the worse for wear after he very clearly had his face eaten in Jurassic Park.

Back at Rafael’s compound, Celia is seemingly healed enough to join in the training alongside Alf and Betty but her neck wound has seemingly thrown off her killing abilities.  Despite this, Rafael throws the raptors into their first big test, attacking a political rally in Puerto Miranda, where they massacre the troops and politicians assembled but a knocked down electrical cord disables their collars and Alf and Betty escape back to Rafael’s compound and free Celia, leave Grant and Sattler because of their kindness to Celia and kill Rafael, escaping into the jungle.

Free in the jungle, the raptors hunt and kill for themselves for the first time and then encounter a tribe of natives, who begin to worship the raptors despite the fact that the raptors kill them all each time they try to bring them gifts.


The raptors eventually come down with a jungle bug that is also infecting the humans like Muldoon and Grant but the natives find the sick raptors and heal them with a combination of herbs and the healed raptors…immediately attack and kill the village.


Back in civilization, Grant and Sattler reunite with Muldoon and Malcolm and decide they have to track down the raptors.  We also learn that Muldoon and the mercenary George Lawala were blood brothers after hunting together in Africa, so Muldoon is out for blood.  They track down the raptors to the other side of a chasm where the only way across is a rickety rope bridge.  Muldoon targets them but the workers the quartet hired turn out to be from the same tribe who was worshipping the raptors and they attack the group to prevent them from killing the raptors.  Seeing the commotion, the raptors cross the bridge and attack as well and Grant is forced to kill Betty when she threatens to kill Ellie.  Somehow sensing they are the only two left in the world, Alf and Celia escape and destroy the bridge behind them.

Next time we wrap up the craziness with Jurassic Park: Raptors Hijack, where Biosyn makes a play to create their own Jurassic Park.


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