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EA Commentary: Enter the Ninja


For June’s Movie of the Month, the ninja clan of Zach, Chris, Chris Ali and Ryan checked out the 80’s ninja movie that kickstarted all 80’s ninja movies, Enter the Ninja.  Starring Franco Nero as Cole, a military vet who becomes a master of ninjitsu, he visits an old war buddy and gets involved with a land battle between his friend and local megalomaniacal businessman, Venarius.  After dispatching tons of random thugs, Cole must face off against an old foe from his past, Hasagawa (Sho Kosugi), who has been hired by Venarius.  Enter the Ninja is full of great “WTF?” moments, including it’s use of sad trombone, Venarius using what appears to be a hotel pool as his office, Cole’s completely immoral ninja attitude and much more.  The movie is available on Netflix and you can sync up the commentary and watch along with the Everything Action crew.

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