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EA Commentary: Beach Party


It’s the peak of Summer right now and for the July Movie of the Month, the Everything Action crew of Zach, Chris, Joe and special guest Chris Ali watched the 1963 classic, Beach Party.  Kicking off the entire “beach movie” craze of the 60’s, Frankie Avalon and Annette Funciello star as Frankie and Delores, a young couple who’s romantic vacation at the beach gets upset by all sorts of crazy hijinks and misunderstandings as Delores gets nervous about being alone with Frankie and invites literally all of their friends to share their beach house with them, causing Frankie to get mad and hit on buxom Hungarian waitress Ava (Eva Six) to make Delores jealous while Delores starts hanging out with Professor Sutwell (Bob Cummings), who is at the beach to secretly record his findings about the mating rituals of the surfing teens.  There’s almost constant surfing and/or songs about surfing courtesy of Dick Dale and to make things even more complicated, a local biker gang arrives to cause some vague trouble.  You can watch along with the guys by syncing up the commentary to the movie, which is available on Netflix.

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