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Everything Actioncast Ep 273 “The Arnold Apprentice”


This week on the podcast, Zach, Chris and Joe discuss Arnold taking over The Apprentice, Charlie’s Angels, The Jungle Book, Scare-A-Con 2015 and much more.

  • News: The Jungle Book and Hardcore trailers, Pacific Rim 2 might be cancelled in favor of King Kong/Godzilla trilogy at WB, Behind Enemy Lines and The Mist getting TV shows, Liam Neeson starring in The Revenger, Elizabeth Banks might be rebooting Charlie’s Angels, Lego Dimensions voice cast revealed, Woody Harrelson is the main villain of War of the Planet of the Apes, 90’s Nickelodeon channel The Splat coming soon, Arnold is the new host of The Celebrity Apprentice, Jessica Jones release date announced, Sean Bean and Eva Green might be the villains of Wonder Woman.
  • Show and Tell: Zach and Chris watched The Voices before heading to Scare-A-Con 2015 and checking out Smothered, Killer Rack and No Solicitors.

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