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The Boy Trailer


After facing off against zombies for 4+ years on The Walking Dead, Lauren Cohan is up against a supernatural doll in The Boy, coming in January next year.  Cohan plays a woman who is hired by a wealthy English family to be the nanny for their son, Brahms.  However, Cohan is shocked to find that Brahms is actually a doll the couple treats as a son as way to cope with the loss of their real son 20 years ago.  When the couple leaves Brahms in Cohan’s care, there is a list of rules they tell her she must follow but, of course, she ignores them and strange things start happening.  Evil dolls seems to be making a comeback lately with Annabelle last year (and Annabelle 2 on the way), Slappy returning for the Goosebumps movie and now this.  The Boy looks decently creepy and you can check out the trailer below.

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