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News Shotgun 10/30


  • Michelle Rodriguez starring in next Walter Hill movieFollowing up Bullet to the Head, Walter Hill is directing Michelle Rodriguez in a revenge thriller called Tomboy, A Revenger’s Tale, where Rodriguez’s character is formerly a man who is given a sex change against his will by a crazed surgeon (played by Sigourney Weaver) and seeks revenge.
  • Mantis possibly cast for Guardians 2Pom Klementieff has been cast in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 in a “key role” but it hasn’t been specified, leading to some speculation that she might be playing possibly the character Moondragon but, more likely, Mantis, who backed up the Guardians on Knowhere and helped to sort of run things with Russian cosmonaut dog, Cosmo.
  • BD Wong cast as Hugo Strange in GothamFresh of unleashing the Indominus Rex on Jurassic World this summer, BD Wong will guest star as Dr. Hugo Strange on Gotham.  He’ll enter the show as the new director of Arkham Asylum.
  • Walking Dead gets renewedWalking Dead, and it’s after-show Talking Dead, have both been renewed for another season, which will be Walking Dead’s seventh.  AMC also greenlit a reality show starring Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus that will follow Reedus as he rides his motorcycle to various cities and explores the biker culture of each location.
  • Bad Santa 2 confirmedBilly Bob Thornton will return as the world’s worst mall santa in Bad Santa 2.  There’s been talk of a sequel since 2012 and script is pretty much ready to go, but no director has been signed yet.
  • Neill Blomkamp’s Alien sequel put on indefinite holdAlthough nothing has topped District 9, based on the concept photos and ideas, it seemed like director Neill Blomkamp had an interesting idea for a new Alien movie but it’s been put on “indefinite hold” as the focus goes to Alien: Paradise Lost.  It seems like moving ahead on Blomkamp’s movie depends on how well that movie does.
  • Full season of The Muppets ordered by ABCThe backstage shennanigans at Late Night with Miss Piggy will continue for 16 episodes, as ABC has put in a full order for the show.  The Grinder, Limitless and Ash vs Evil Dead were also renewed/picked up.
  • Sandra Bullock leading an all-female Ocean’s ElevenGary Ross will direct some sort of reboot/sequel/spin-off(?) of the Ocean’s Eleven series, with Sandra Bullock leading an all-female team of thieves pulling a massive heist.  There’s rumors George Clooney could cameo as Danny Ocean and this movie could take place in the Steven Soderbergh trilogy universe.
  • Tom Cruise joins Luna ParkCruise will reunite with his Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman for another sci-fi action movie, Luna Park, which will find Cruise leading a team to the moon to steal a powerful energy source.
  • Gary Oldman is writing a vampire novelHaving played Dracula, Gary Oldman has some unique insight into vampires and is currently writing a book that will “redefine what we think of vampires”.  The book is called Blood Riders and Oldman co-wrote with Doug Urbanski.  The plan is for a trilogy and Blood Riders should arrive in spring of next year.
  • Monopoly origins movie in the worksNot the gritty origin of Uncle Moneybags but instead the story about how the actual board game was created and the litigious battle between original creator Elizabeth Magie and Charles Darrow and Parker Bros.
  • John Woo wants to remake The KillerHe’s been talking about it for years but apparently John Woo still wants to produce a remake of his classic The Killer.  He’s currently working on his return to crime/action with Manhunt, a remake of a Japanese thriller.
  • The Brink cancelled by HBOThe Tim Robbins/Jack Black starring comedy was initially reported to be renewed after wrapping up it’s first season this past summer on HBO but now HBO has said they cancelled the show.
  • Ghostbusters firehouse Lego set announcedThe ultimate Ghostbusters Lego set was announced this week as you can get your very own firehouse with nine mini-figs, including all four Ghostbusters, Slimer, Janine, Louis Tully and Dana.
  • John Wick 2 casting beginsJohn Wick 2 confirmed this week that Ian McShane will return as the mysterious proprietor of the hitman friendly Continental Hotel and that Common will be up against John Wick as the main villain.
  • Don Bluth kickstarting a Dragon’s Lair movieLegendary animator Don Bluth has gone to Kickstarter to try and raise $550,000 to get a Dragon’s Lair movie into production.  Although the game features full animation, there’s never been an actual movie of the property.  Bluth’s last major movie that he directed was Titan AE.
  • Ricky Gervais hosting the Golden GlobesGervais is returning to host the 2016 Golden Globes, which will air in January on NBC.
  • Screenwriter Tom Wheeler writing Micronauts and Dora the Exlorer moviesWheeler, who wrote Puss in Boots, is currently working on scripts for live action versions of Micronauts and Dora the Explorer.
  • Brandon Small trying to raise interest in a Metalocalypse finaleSmall has teamed with the game Rocksmith to try and get Hulu and Adult Swim to air a finale to Metalocalypse called The Army of Doomstar: The Final Chapter.  There is a change.org petition currently looking for 75,000 signatures.

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