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News Shotgun 11/27


  • Ecto Cooler may be coming back next yearWith a new Ghostbusters coming, Coca-Cola, who owns the Hi-C license, has renewed the trademark for Ecto Cooler, the legendary flavor of the 80’s and 90’s, which means we might possibly see it back on shelves in time for Paul Feig’s reboot.
  • Alien: Covenant is the start of a new trilogyRidley Scott revealed at a press conference recently that the upcoming Alien: Covenant is the planned first entry in a new prequel trilogy that lead directly to the beginning of the 1979 original classic.
  • Superman will actually appear on SupergirlAlthough he’ll be a teenage version of the Man of Steel, as the showrunners on Supergirl are looking for an actor to play a 13 year old Kal-El, who will appear in the 13th episode of this first season.  We’ve seen a blurry version of Superman appear and rescue his cousin from Reactron already this season and he’s been mentioned incessantly.
  • Record breaking bomb at UK box officeA new $20 million thriller, Momentum, starring Olga Kurylenko and Morgan Freeman only made $69 when it opened at the UK box office.  The movie was only in ten theaters but that means it basically sold 1 ticket the entire opening weekend and two theaters didn’t sell a single ticket for it.
  • Calculator cast for ArrowThe villainous version of Oracle (or in this case, Felicity) has been cast for the CW DCverse as Tom Amendes will play The Calculator for the upcoming twelfth episode of Arrow, which will bring Roy Harper back into the mix, as Calculator blackmails him into returning to Star City.
  • Tom Cruise in talks for The Mummy rebootUniversal is moving forward with their Marvelesque Monster universe and they are apparently in talks with Tom Cruise to star in the upcoming Mummy reboot, which will be the official start of the interconnected universe.  They also are looking to try and get Angelina Jolie to play the Bride of Frankenstein.
  • Fargo gets a third season at FXFX has ordered a third season of the Coen Brothers inspired crime drama, which will most likely be set in a new time period with a new cast.  The current season is a prequel to the first season set in 1979.
  • Vin Diesel says a new Riddick movie and TV show are on the wayVin Diesel has a little sway at Universal after delivering them millions of dollars with the Fast & Furious series and that has apparently led to him getting a new Riddick movie and a TV show greenlit.  The new movie will be called Furia and continue the adventures of Riddick while the TV show will be called Merc City and follow the various bounty hunters and assassins in the Riddick universe.
  • Netflix rebooting Lost in SpaceNetflix is continuing to bring back series back from the dead with a new version of Lost in Space coming to the streaming service.  The show will have the same basic premise of a family of explorers who are lost in an alien universe and it will hopefully be a little better than the terrible movie reboot starring Matt LeBlanc 
  • Kevin Bacon starring in new Tremors TV showFollowing on the heels of Ash vs Evil Dead, another cult classic is coming back to the small screen as Kevin Bacon is coming back to Perfection for a new Tremors TV show, picking up with his character Valentine McKee 25 years after the first movie.  There have been four sequels and a Sci-Fi channel movie since the first movie.
  • Fantastic Four 2 taken off Fox’s release calendarAlthough they were trying to save face in the wake of the utter failure of this summer’s reboot, Fox has quietly removed the sequel from the release schedule.  It was timed for June 2017 but now they’ll probably just sit on the rights until they almost expire again.
  • Futurama returns with a new mobile gameThe Planet Express crew is returning to a mobile device near you with a new game.  The game, Futurama: Game of Drones, is a puzzle game that finds the crew up against MomCo. and her horde of new delivery drones.  The story is being written by one of the writers from the show, Patric M. Varrone, along with Telltale writer Dave Grossman and Jonathon Myers, who wrote the mobile game Game of Thrones: Ascent.
  • Hey Arnold getting a TV movieOle Football Head is coming back to TV with a new Hey Arnold movie, which will possibly air during the new “The Splat” block or on Nick proper.  The movie will feature the return a bunch of the show’s characters and will answer some of the big questions of the show, like what happened to Arnold’s parents.
  • Felicia Day will be the new Mad of the new MST3KWith the Nerdist’s Jonah Ray as the new corporate drone be subjected to terrible movies, it was announced this past week that Felicia Day will be the one sending him the movies, picking up where previous Mad Pearl Forrester left off.  It was also announced that for Crow, Joel and his team wants Hampton Young and for Tom Servo, they are hoping to get Baron Vaughn.

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