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The Brothers Grimsby Trailer

By Zach


It’s been a few years but Sacha Baron Cohen is back and teamed up with Mark Strong for next year’s action/comedy, The Brothers Grimsby.  Cohen and Strong are orphans who are separated when they are young.  Strong becomes Britain’s greatest secret agent/assassin and Cohen becomes a lazy soccer hooligan with a brood of kids, but he never gave up trying to find his brother and they are reunited when Cohen interrupts an important hit and both brothers are forced to go on the run.  Cohen seems extremely toned down for this one, probably because it’s Louis Letterier behind the camera, fresh off TMNT.  Isla Fisher, Rebel Wilson, Penelope Cruz, Ian McShane and Gabourey Sidibe co-star and the movie is out in March of next year.  Check out the trailer below.


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