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News Shotgun 1/8


  • Pacific Rim 2 most likely dead: The follow up to Guillermo Del Toro’s amazing Kaiju filled blockbuster has been shelved by Legendary indefinitely and is most likely dead.  Del Toro is apparently looking to possibly remake Fantastic Voyage as a new project.
  • Deadwood officially coming back as an HBO movie: The critically acclaimed HBO western is officially coming back to the network as a movie that will pick things up from the last season and continue the story of the violent South Dakota town.  Creator David Milch is coming back to write and produce this new movie but no word yet on which of the cast will return.
  • TNT not picking up Titans: TNT is not entering the comic book arena yet as they have passed on the Teen Titans show, Titans, that would have featured Nightwing leading the team of young superheroes.
  • Jewel Staite joins Legends of Tomorrow: As if it wasn’t jam packed already, Legends of Tomorrow has added Firefly’s Jewel Staite as future tech expert Rachel Turner, whose world changing inventions are stolen and used as part of Vandal Savage’s quest to control all of time.  Staite will appear on the tenth episode of Legends.
  • TNT bringing back Tales from the Crypt: TNT is launching a new horror block of programming this fall that will feature the return of Tales from the Crypt, produced by M. Night Shyamalan.  The new show will continue the anthology tradition of the original HBO show but feature new stories, although it’s not clear if John Kassir’s Cryptkeeper will still host.  This block will be two hours and more details are supposed arrive in the next few months.
  • Ridiculous 6 is the most popular Netflix movie of all time: In it’s first month out, Adam Sandler’s Ridiculous 6 is apparently the most watched movie in the history of Netflix streaming, according to Netflix CCO, Ted Sarandos.  There’s not hard numbers but it’s been number # in almost every territory Netflix operates in.
  • Netflix rebooting Voltron and getting a Guillermo Del Toro produced show: As part of a joint deal with Dreamworks, Netflix will be getting a reboot 80’s classic Voltron and a new Guillermo Del Toro produced animated show called Trollhunters.  Both shows are expected to debut sometime this year.
  • The Rock developing two new TV shows: The Rock is working on two new shows that he’ll be producing, one being a docu-drama series for HBO called “Rock and a Hard Place”, which will follow young inmates in Miami-Dade penitentiary who are enrolled in their Boot Camp rehabilitation program while the other, Boost Unit, is a Fox drama that will follow members of an elite LAPD task force that works to stop car thefts.
  • Alex Hirsch developing new animated show for Fox: With Gravity Falls ending in February, Alex Hirsch is moving on up to Fox with a new animated show but there’s no details on what it will be about right now or if it will join the big dogs on Fox’s Sunday night block.
  • The Force Awakens is the highest grossing movie domestically of all time: With over $770 million in the US, The Force Awakens has passed Avatar and taken the number one spot domestically as the highest grossing movie of all time.  Worldwide may still be a challenge as Avatar made almost $3 billion and The Force Awakens is currently at $1.59 billion.
  • Stallone is done playing Rambo, gives possible ideas for Creed 2: Stallone recently said during an interview that he is officially done playing Rambo, which comes after years of Rambo 5 going through various iterations.  He will still play Rocky though and revealed a possible idea for Creed 2 is to have parallel stories of Adonis moving forward in his career while flashing back to Rocky and Apollo in their prime for a similarly themed story, possibly with CG deaged Stallone and Carl Weathers.
  • CJ Parker cast in the Baywatch reboot: Sports Illustrated model Kelly Rohrbach is taking over for Pamela Anderson as CJ Parker in the upcoming Baywatch reboot movie, that will also star The Rock, Zac Effron and Alexandra Daddario.
  • FXX passes on Cassius and Clay: FXX is choosing not to go forward with Adam Reed’s Cassius and Clay, which was set to join Archer when it returned in the spring.  The show starred Kaitlin Olson and Lake Bell as the titular duo, who made their way through a post-apocalyptic Southern US.  FXX actually ordered the series straight to series but only the pilot was produced and FXX passed on it.
  • Venture Bros returns at the end of the month: After 3 years, a proper new season of The Venture Bros is finally arriving, and much sooner than anticipated.  Adult Swim announced that the 6th season will debut on January 31st and be 8 new episodes.
  • Yahoo kills their “Screen” service: After reviving Community as it’s marquee title, Yahoo is ending their Screen video service after taking a massive loss and not seeing anyway to continue their original series and make money.  This most likely means that Community is dead, unless the fabled movie ever materializes.
  • Michael Bay will direct Transformers 5: Bay confirmed that he will be back to direct the fifth entry in the Transformers series but he is definitely done after this.  He also revealed that Krang will be in TMNT 2 and this was doubly confirmed by leaked action figure promo images.
  • Next Game of Thrones book will not be ready before new season of the show: George RR Martin revealed that he has not completed the next book in the Song of Ice and Fire series, The Winds of Winter, and the HBO series will possibly contain plot points from that book as it has caught up and now surpassed the story of the novels.  There’s no firm date for when Martin believes he’ll have the book done.
  • George Costanza themed bar opens in Australia: A bar based on Seinfeld’s resident neurotic ragaholic has opened in Melbourne, called George’s Bar.  The bar features cocktails like The Marisa Tomei, The Hand Model, The Summer of George and Draped in Velvet, along with toasted sandwiches.


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