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Musical Montage: Allie Goertz “Dance Bitch”

Posted on January 25, 2016 by


Previously putting a folksy spin on things like Breaking Bad and Ren & Stimpy, musician Allie Goertz went slighty more electronic recently for an entire concept album dedicated to Rick & Morty.  Called “Sad Dance Songs”, the album has songs from Morty’s perspectives with “Jeez Rick”, a tribute to Mr. Poopy Butthole with “I’m Sorry” and the main attraction, “Dance Bitch”, which has a music video and actual clips from Rick spliced in along with references to Get Schwifty and other Rickisms.  It perfectly blends the weirdness, hilarity and tragedy of the show.  You can check out the whole album on Bandcamp and the music video for Dance Bitch is below.

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