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Battle at the Box Office 2/15


The fanboys (and girls) came out in droves to support the Merc with a Mouth this holiday weekend, leading to a multiple record shattering weekend for Deadpool.

Breaking the record for highest February opening of all time, highest R rated opening of all time, highest R rated comic book movie opening off all time, highest ever opening for Fox, highest ever opening for Ryan Reynolds and highest President’s Day weekend record, Deadpool took in $135 million.  With an additional $125 million worldwide, it has a grand total of $260 million, more than quadrupling it’s budget of $58 million.  You can bet that Fox is going to significantly bump up the budget and fast track Deadpool 2.

In a distant second was Kung Fu Panda 3, which took in another $19 million, putting it up to nearly $94 million for it’s three weeks out but, as we’ve mentioned the last couple of Battle at the Box Office posts, it’s well off from where the other two Kung Fu Pandas were at the same time.

How to be Single took third with $18.7 million, probably expecting a boost from Valentine’s Day before people fell for Wade Wilson instead.

Zoolander 2 took in $15.6 million and fourth place, which is almost exactly the same amount the first movie made back in 2001.  It also doesn’t have great word of mouth or reviews either so it could drop quickly.

The Revenant rounded out the top 5 with $6.9 million, putting it over $159 million for it’s total.

Not getting a boost from Valentine’s Day was the Nicholas Sparks movie The Choice, which fell from an already mediorce fifth to eighth with only another $5.3 million and it’s currently dead last compared to the other Sparks’ adaptations.

This was also the first weekend that Star Wars: The Force Awakens was not in the top 5, it took seventh place with $6.2 million and it’s made over $914 million and currently has $2.02 billion for worldwide gross.


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