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Everything Action Theater: LEGO Star Wars “Poe to the Rescue”


The first in a series of LEGO shorts featuring the characters from The Force Awakens, Poe the Rescue finds the Resistance’s best pilot on a mission to rescue Admiral Ackbar from the clutches of Captain Phasma and the First Order.  Making a quick stop to rescue C3PO as well, Poe breaks into Star Destroyer and then engages in some of his trademark dog fighting with some TIE Fighters.  It’s definitely not Oscar Issac voicing Poe but I believe Anthony Daniels is back as always as C3PO and there’s some bits where he’s trying to draw attention to his new arm and it’s always great to see Ackbar, who actually gets to be a part of the action this time around.  Captain Phasma does more in this short than she did in the entirety of The Force Awakens as well.  You can check out the whole short below and more will air on DisneyXD in the future.

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