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Action Hero of the Week: Joey Gazelle


Name: Joey Gazelle

Occupation: Undercover cop posing as low level mob member

Family: Teresa (Wife), Nicky (Son)

Allies: Oleg

Enemies: Tommy Perello, Ivan Yugorsky, Anzor Yugorsky, Lester the Pimp, Frankie Perello

Weapon(s) of Choice: M1911, Glock 17

Body Count: 3

Memorable Quote: “I got to fucking do something about this. I can’t have the kid fucking talking to the cops. You understand me? The fucking gun is on the street. This whole fucking goddamn thing is about to fucking blow up. If fucking Tommy or any of those fucking guys find out about it, I’m a dead man. You got to fucking help me”

See Joey in Action:

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