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The Do-Over is the Next Adam Sandler Netflix Movie (Trailer)


Adam Sandler is following up The Ridiculous Six, the most watched movie in history on Netflix, with The Do-Over, an action comedy that pairs him up with old buddy David Spade.  Spade plays a bank manager, Charlie, who is sick of his dead end life but bumps into old high school friend Max Kesler at their reunion and Max reveals he’s now an FBI agent and takes Charlie on a crazy tropical trip that ends with Max faking both of their deaths.  The identities Max has created for them are actually the same as a pair of criminals and things quickly get complicated as Max and Charlie become targets for various hitmen and gang members.  Paula Patton, Michael Chiklis, Luis Guzman, Sean Astin and Kathryn Hahn co-star and Steve Brill, who directed Sandler in Mr. Deeds and Little Nicky, is directing.  This is the second of four movies Sandler is making for Netflix and it arrives on streaming on May 27th, check out the NSFW red band trailer below.


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