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Musical Montage: Purple Rain


2016 has sucked pretty hard as far as losing incredible artists and it just got worse last week with the shocking news that Prince had died at age 57.  In the world of movies, the first two things that come to mind related to Prince are the soundtrack to Tim Burton’s Batman and Purple Rain, Prince’s musical epic where he and the Revolution take on Morris Day and the Time and where Prince romances up and coming singer Apollonia. The details about the plot and specific scenes of the movie have probably gotten fuzzy to most people but the soundtrack is undisputed masterpiece with some of Prince’s biggest and best songs like When Doves Cry, the title track Purple Rain, Darling Nikki and so many more.  Check them out below and RIP to another legend.


I Would Die 4 U


Darling Nikki

Let’s Go Crazy


Take Me With U


The Beautiful Ones

God (Love Theme from Purple Rain)


When Doves Cry


Computer Blue


Purple Rain


Baby, I’m a Star

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