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EA Commentary: King Solomon’s Mines


For the latest Everything Action Commentary, Zach, Chris, Joe and Chris Ali watched the “Cannon Classic”, King Solomon’s Mines.  Starring Richard Chamberlain and Sharon Stone, it was Golan and Globus’ attempt to cash in on that 80’s adventure money that was getting raked up by the likes of Indiana Jones and Romancing the Stone.  To save money, Cannon turned to the public domain and adapted H Rider Haggard’s 1885 adventure novel into a rollicking action/adventure.  The guys try to pinpoint exact moment when Chamberlain and Stone started to hate each other, what year the movie takes place in, what the evil Germans are actually saying, how much is blatantly ripped from Indiana Jones and much more.  The movie is actually legally available in full for free on The Paramount Vault youtube channel and you can watch it below and sync it up to our commentary.

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