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Battle at the Box Office 5/9

Marvel's Captain America: Civil War..L to R: Hawkeye/Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner), Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen), Captain America/Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), and Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan)..Photo Credit: Film Frame..© Marvel 2016

There was no question Captain America: Civil War was going to be the number one movie at the box office this weekend, the only question was how big would it be?  The answer was that the movie was the fifth highest opening of all time and the third best opening in MCU with $179 million, behind the two Avengers movies.  Disney made $200 million total for the weekend with Zootopia and The Jungle Book still in theaters and the Mouse has already made over $1 billion for the year with all it’s 2016 releases so far.

Speaking of The Jungle Book, that dropped to second with another $24.5 million, putting it over $287 million for it’s four weeks out.

Mother’s Day surged with the titular holiday occuring yesterday and it actually increased 32.5% from last weekend’s mediocre opening and took in $11 million and third place.

The Huntsman: Winter’s War and Keanu rounded out the top 5, with the latter suffering a pretty steep 65.2% drop from last weekend.

There weren’t any other new movies to compete with Civil War, the only other development was Ratchet & Clank self destructing and dropping to ninth place with only another $1 million in it’s second weekend.

Expect Civil War to stay on top for probably most of the month of May, we’ll have to see if the X-Men can usurp Team Cap when it comes out on May 27th.


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