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Halle Berry Gets Serious Road Rage in Kidnap (Trailer)

By Zach

M10 Halle Berry stars in Relativity Studios'  "Kidnap". Copyright (c) 2015 Kidnap Holdings, LLC.   Photo: Peter Iovino

Most times in movies like The Chase or Duel, the hero is being pursued by nefarious forces but in the upcoming Kidnap, Halle Berry is a mother who is doing the chasing when her son is taken while out at the local playground.  At first, Berry goes the typical route and goes to the police but when she sees how long some of the kids have been missing, she takes matters into her own hands and gives chase in her minivan.  This looks like it could be a decent, schlocky thriller, with Berry causing tons of collateral damage in pile ups on the freeway and what looks the ridiculous final confrontation, where she drops the one liner of “you took the wrong kid”.  The movie is out on December 2nd and you can check out the trailer below.


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