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Aaron Eckhart Incepts Demons in Incarnate (Trailer)


The Blumhouse horror train rolls on in December when their latest demon filled movie, Incarnate arrives, but with a slight twist on the genre.  Aaron Eckhart stars as Dr. Seth Ember, who used to battle demons with science until one killed his wife and daughter but he’s called back into action when a young boy, played by Lil Bruce Wayne David Mazouz, becomes possessed by what appears to be the same demon.  Unlike the Catholic exorcism methods (which have failed to help Mazouz up to this point), Dr. Ember uses Inception style technology to battle the demons in the world of the mind.  Carice Van Houten aka Melisandre from Game of Thrones is a part of Dr. Ember’s team as well as Arrow’s Ra’s Al Ghul Matt Nable and Brad Peyton, who has mostly does comedies and action starring The Rock like Journey 2, directs.  WWE Films is also co-producing with Blumhouse, although I didn’t recognize any wrestlers in the trailer but feel free to let us know if there is someone from the WWE in the movie.  This movie looks like it’s either going to be a fun new twist on the demonic possession movie or a hilarious disaster and we’ll find out when it hits theaters on December 2nd, check out the trailer below.

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