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Battle at the Box Office 1/30

By Zach

Split took the top spot at the box office again this weekend with another $26.3 million, putting it over $77 million for it’s two weeks out. The budget was only $9 million so this is a gigantic hit for Blumhouse and M. Night and should be the first M. Night movie to cross over $100 million since 2010.  Hopefully this performance is enough to get us the sequel teased in the final scene.

A Dog’s Purpose, despite a controversial behind the scenes video leading to some bad PR, took second with $18.4 million.  Compared to similar movies, it’s better than Dolphin’s Tale, Snow Dogs and Hotel for Dogs openings but about half of what the gold standard for sad dog movies, Marley and Me, made in 2008.

Hidden Figures stayed in third place with $14 million, putting it over $104 million for it’s six weeks out.

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter seemed to prove why the franchise should end with the lowest opening for the entire series, even worse than the original 2002 movie.  The Final Chapter made $13.9 million but, like most the movies, it was more popular internationally, making $64.5 million from 42 international markets.

La La Land stayed in fifth place with another $12 million, bringing it’s total over $106 million.

XXX: The Return of Xander Cage took a pretty big tumble, falling from second to sixth this past weekend with $8.3 million, about 60% less than last weekend.

Barely making it into the top ten, Gold took tenth with it’s wide expansion, making $3.5 million

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